Daily Bulletin - April 23, 2014

United States Supreme Court

Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure
Ct.of Appeal of CA.

Affirming denial of motion to suppress 30 pounds of marijuana found in truck after traffic stop, holding there was no Fourth Amendment ...

Constitutional Law
6th Cir.

Rejecting Equal Protection challenge to a Michigan voter initiative amending the state constitution to bar the consideration of race in ...

State of Washington Court of Appeals Division II

Criminal law
Cowlitz Co. Sup. Ct.

Reversing order granting Knapstad motion and dismissing first degree custodial interference charge where grandmother took a 14-month old ...

State of Washington Court of Appeals Division III

Criminal law, Criminal Procedure
Yakima Co. Sup. Ct.

Publishing in part opinion filed February 18, 2014, affirming second degree felony murder conviction, holding the trial court properly sustained ...

Municipal/Government, Tax law
Franklin Co. Sup. Ct.

Reversing summary judgment granting refund for taxes erroneously paid for gas sales outside of the city on claim for money had and ...